I Hated MacBook Cases, Here’s Why I Changed my Mind...

The main reason why I didn't like hard cases at the beginning, is because the first ones I had a chance to test were very fat. They looked more armor-alike than they really were, funny but true. I can't even count how many times I crashed MacBook case while trying to install it on the device. Of course, the first generations of cases were available in many different colors, yet each looked as interesting as the white laundry put by mistake with a red shirt. Nobody knows how to wear it, neither how to clean it afterward :)

I assumed that if I pay not so little for an Apple device, I want to - at least - enjoy the design. So, the ugly & fat cases were a big no-no.

Well, plastic…

We all know and feel that plastic is usually nothing but the lowest quality material, without any single certificate nor even a manufacturer name. Thinking the same, I went with some alternatives and this is how the fun has begun.

I tried silicone cases/sleeves. Sometimes the shape of the silicone case was adjusted exactly to the laptop, sometimes it was slightly off. And the hugest inconvenience - my MacBook was literally on fire. The silicone was getting hot and blocked completely any ability to cool down the device. It was more likely that my MacBook stops working than it gets protected from the scratches. It stopped working once when I was at university. I and my colleagues had to put the MacBook in front of the fan so I could finish the project.

But hey, maybe this was the manufacturer's intention - if you don't use your Mac, it doesn't get scratched :D

If you made it to this part of my lovely writing, I assume that you're more interested in keeping your Mac working than not :)

In the search for perfect protection, I got into skins and stickers…

Back in 2012, I found nothing that would make me desire any MacBook Case. I went through silicone, transparent plastic, acrylic - all were ugly, fat and made my MacBook overheated again. Also, I noticed that some plastic cases started leaving marks on the laptop. That was enough. There was no point in risking, especially on 1500 USD worth MacBook Pro I got from my parents.

This is what made me think about producing MacBook Skins. But this is another story.

In 2013 I was still at the university, so my MacBook had to lead a peaceful, case-free life. I got some stickers with surfing brands logos and it was just OK. Scratches were not a big issue, because stickers provided an excellent protection.

…To find cases again

Today is 2018. In the meantime I grew up, met my partner Sebastian, we started designer MacBook skin company. Then we got some nice wooden furniture in our cozy new home. And this is when I started to desire...a MacBook Case (not a baby!).

I use my MacBook mostly on the kitchen table - not in the bed like I used to. Yes, this is probably how decent people work :D

My MacBook also became more mature, as he lost almost all of the rubber pads from the bottom lid. Maybe because of the bed? I didn't find any research about that online, but please let me know if you ever experienced the same issue. Nevertheless, imagine the no-feet MacBook with the aluminum, uncovered holes in the back lid, scratching your new oak table. And leaving permanent (PER-MA-NENT) scratches. And you're obsessed with your new home, 30-year old woman, soon to be a cat lady.

What would you do? I had a choice: to get a new Mac or to get a MacBook case to cover the bottom lid.

I got used to my old MacBook Pro 13 (the last model with a CD Drive, probably the only CD Drive we currently have access to). I decided to get a MacBook case and I was struggling. Hopefully, things changed.

Testing different cases

I run a company now and it gives me the ability to test more products and to use my knowledge to find the best solution in MacBook protection topic area. Plus, I have a spare Asus laptop just in case something goes wrong :)

I decided to give it a try and find a manufacturer who knows how to make MacBook cases. And… we got it!

I'll save you the story of what we had to put on and take off (sometimes not easily) from my MacBook to find the right case. It was like a reversed Cinderella. My MacBook was a Cinderella and the cases were the shoes. Nightmare. Especially because I'm a person who is more likely to make something on my own than to buy anything that still doesn't satisfy me.

A perfect MacBook case

To sum up. We got it! And I love my new MacBook Case! It is super thin and easy to put on. The material is - of course - a transparent plastic. But I know it comes from a professional manufacturer and it can be recycled, so it’s heart-warming news. Moreover, thanks to this case, I will be able to use my MacBook for a much longer time. It's a semi-eco and - surely - a money-saving solution. At least it’s better than getting a new Mac :)

Keyshorts MacBook case

Let me remind you, the main problem was a scratched table. My new hard case has unbreakable, felt-like feet. They look aesthetically, solid, but not cheap. They are not made of super soft rubber, or plastic (blah), so I can easily move the MacBook without scratching the precious table (and Mac of course). You would be surprised how many cases have plastic feet. In my opinion, it's a crime against wooden tables.

Also, the problem with overheating is resolved pretty well because there are holes grill in the bottom case. At first, I thought that it's only a good-looking promise. MacBooks “exhale” hot air mainly through slip near the hinges between keyboard and screen. So why put holes in the bottom use? I took a chance, found out and don't regret. I can put my MacBook on the lap, wearing shorts and work in Photoshop or watch videos while traveling on a plane. I never get burned. The holes let the heated aluminum body to cool down a little, and the structure of the case isolates your skin from warm metal.

Moreover, I don't have to give up the personalized look. The case can cover Keyshorts MacBook skins or it can be itself covered with a skin. Finally, a win-win solution.

MacBook case with artwork underneath

PS. when nobody sees, I take off the MacBook case and admire a slim, truly perfect surface of my MacBook in its skin. I just find it soothing :)

If one day I'll find a MacBook case which is slimmer than the one we sell, I'll probably keep it a secret only for myself!

Thank you all for reading this! If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below and share this article <3

Ania Dominiak
Ania Dominiak

Co-founder at Keyshorts and photographer. I write about working from home ideas, product personalizations, laptop decals and life hacks.

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