8 Best Gold MacBook Stickers, Decals & Skins

by Ania Dominiak

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your laptop? I bet it's quite much. Sure, we all have smartphones so it actually might be an option to spend less time with computer but eventually we all need our laptops constantly for work or school. And we all take them to cafes, office, classes so it's kinda easy to get those awful scratches and oily stains which are neither cool nor easy to clean. After a while we catch ourselves staring at total, sticky and dusty, disaster with an Apple logo in front.

So how do I protect my laptop with a style? See my picks for autumn with beautifully glowing gold accents. All decals were tested by me and my MacBook. They're also available for Windows laptops and Chromebooks.

Gold keyboard stickers

Classic gold, black legible font. For minimalists who decided to go gold and rich :)

Gold Macbook decals for keyboard

Marble + gold MacBook skin 

Pick this one and everyone will be figuring out where exactly you got it :) This MacBook cover is made of super durable vinyl - so it's very thin like a skin and doesn't block the air circulation. Plus you feel like you have the most valuable marble on earth.

Black marble cover for Macbook with gold veins

Gold mandala keyboard stickers 

I love it for super matte finish. Despite it's quite complicated design, letters are still legible thanks to extra stroke around them. Would definitely recommend for someone creative.

Gold mandala keyboard stickersKeyboard stickers with mandala and gold

Gold galaxy decals for everything

And here they are, galaxies! Starry, with gold accents and some greens, pinks. Looks awesome if you complete a total look (keyboard decals + top skin + trackpad).Macbook cover with galaxy

"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt - MacBook trackpad decal

My top pick as a present. Looks classy, it's easy to apply and what's more important - the trackpad still works :) Once I'm ready to change my "Birth of Venus" I'll definitely go for Klimt sticker!

Klimt "The Kiss" laptop decal

Rose gold metallic ombre

In some way it's a gold one :) If you can't imagine your laptop without a pink, you might like this design. The metallic texture is full of sparkling delicate rose shades. Every time I was typing with this keyboard sticker, I noticed something new. Simple and chic.


Gold copper vinyl cover

And the last one - gold copper with super glossy laminate. Really, it's so glossy that you can use it as a mirror, plus it protects your MacBook better than you can imagine. There're also no-cut versions available so the apple backlight is visible only when it's turned on. Imagine the cool effect of gold shiny copper on your MacBook, isn't that cool?


Hope you liked my choices :) If your laptop isn't a MacBook, no worries! On Keyshorts shop you can find those designs also for windows laptops keyboard, laptop lid or trackpad decals

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Ania Dominiak


Co-founder at Keyshorts.com and photographer. I write about home/office decor inspirations, decals and trends.

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