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Language and multilanguage keyboard stickers

All languages, up to five layouts, custom colors. If you want more personalized look, try our keyboard stickers builder.

6 common problems solved by Keyshorts

Worn-out keys or foreign keyboard language

Worn-out keys or foreign keyboard language

Did you buy laptop abroad and struggle with different language, or simply your keyboard started to wear off? No need to replace the whole keyboard. Our black keyboard stickers for MacBooks and other laptops are a quick and cheap replacement. Also try our white stickers.

Only one language when you need two (or 3, 4, 5)

Only one language when you need two (or 3, 4, 5)

Our bestselling language keyboard stickers will let you type in multiple languages/alphabets. You can customize fitting option, placement of languages on a key and colors.

Transparent keyboard stickers

You want to protect the keyboard without changing it

Our transparent keyboard stickers do just that, without the thickness and inferior typing experience of silicone covers.

Custom keyboard stickers builder

You want fully customized keyboard

With our keyboard stickers builder you can choose multiple languages, different backgrounds (including your artwork or logo), spacebar options and vinyl type. With our DIY keyboard labels maker you can design few keys or whole keyboard to your liking.

Replacement keyboard stickers

You have special needs: low vision, dyslexic, hackintosh...

We've got you covered on these. We offer low vision, dyslexia, hackintosh, and many more replacement keyboard stickers to simply help you with life.

Keyshorts for business

You bought laptops for your business, but with wrong layout

We can help with changing layouts, adding multilingual options, or provide stickers for apps, which will increase the work speed by up to 50%. Explore our business solutions now.

Mix & match curated designs from around the world.
Made individually for any laptop, any language.
Products fully customized by real people.
Always designed until you're happy.
35K+ laptops enhanced so far.

Superb quality & satisfied customers

Careful manufacturing process makes it very durable and safe even if you're a gamer or allergic. We believe that what's safe for you is also safe for your device, that's why each product is covered with a thin laminate layer: better for keeping it clean and you never touch the print. Also, the adhesive leaves no residues after removal.

No tools & skills required

You don't even need a clean table. It's so easy to apply, it almost does itself within several minutes. Each material is very friendly to work with. You can always change your mind and reposition the sticker.

All laptops, all languages. No exceptions

Always made to order, exactly for your needs, no matter what laptop and keyboard language. We don't turn our back to a complex project. Thanks to our know-how we make unique pieces which fit perfectly. Just let us know your model name or send a photo.

Always individual approach

Most likely there won't be any other person who has exactly the same Keyshorts as you. Each order is an individual project to us, so all details are adjusted accordingly to selected options.

Made with care and... future

Each product is made to order which means that we don't manufacture more than is needed. We can focus on higher quality and fine-tuning details. We believe it's also better for the planet - less space for storage, less inks used and bigger chance our customers will keep their laptops in a good shape.

Authentic design

We travel the world and we take what's best from nature and culture to give you inspiring, memorable artworks and designs. Each design is unique and has a story.

Real people behind Keyshorts


Sebastian is a multi-discipline man. He's into graphic design and web development since dark ages of internet. In 2009 he created Adobe online courses and wrote a book about Photoshop. He became an expert in designing keyboard stickers for thousands of people worldwide and is responsible for production at Keyshorts. He likes to brew for Anna.


Anna is sales and marketing specialist, but she's also passionate about interior design and photography. She shot all our product photos. She's also behind our famously great customer service and designed many of our products. She likes to drink brewed by Sebastian.

We make people happy all over the world...

Keyshorts all over the world

The stickers are incredibly high quality

The stickers are incredibly high quality and look great! I contacted them with a custom edit and they were incredibly friendly, helpful and delivered a high quality product! The stickers were finished quickly, shipped quickly and arrived with no trouble! I am incredibly happy with my purchase! I would certainly recommend Keyshorts! Thank you Anna and Sebastian!

I love the keyboard skins

Both Anna and Sebastian were amazing in helping me out with all the questions I needed answered. They replied fast and the postage which was supper fast considering it was sent from Poland to Australia. I loved the keyboard skins, it looks so life like and of great quality. Easy to apply and so durable, would definitely order from you! Amazing!

Beautiful product

This is the best set of keyboard stickers ever! They are very durable, and do not make the least bit of difference to my typing experience. The colours are bright, eye-catching and I have received many compliments on my keyboard!

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"Decals that'll make your keyboard look beautiful even when it's littered with crumbs."


"Want to know the 'key' to a good-looking laptop? Then check out these awesome keyboard stickers by creative duo Anna and Sebastian."

Bored Panda

"These insane keyboard stickers transform your boring old keys into famous paintings."


"Stunning laptop keyboard stickers inspired by iconic paintings."


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