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About Us

Actually, it's about you - creative makers, art admirers, young souls, travellers, digital nomads, artists, design lovers - who allow us to do what we love...

Real people behind Keyshorts

Sebastian Kończak

Sebastian is a multi-discipline man. He's into graphic design and web development since dark ages of internet. In 2009 he created Adobe online courses and wrote a book about Photoshop. Currently, he is mainly responsible for design and production. He likes to brew for Ania.

Ania Dominiak

Ania is sales and marketing specialist, but she's also passionate about interior design and photography. She shot all our product photos. She's also behind our famously great customer service and designed many of our products. She likes to drink brewed by Sebastian.

We couldn't do everything as a duo only. We work closely with Mr. Wojciech and Mr. Robert and their teams on printing and technical stuff. Packages wouldn't be delivered without the lovely ladies at our local post office, our always-smiling UPS courier, and dozens of other postal workers from many countries. In total, approximately 20-50 people contribute to the design, production and delivery of your Keyshorts. We're grateful to all of them.

The story

"I wanted something more than a black keyboard. I designed Photoshop keyboard stickers in 2012 because I wanted to have shortcuts right under my fingers. Then I found out that other people need such stickers too. A year later - now with Ania - we designed next stickers with shortcuts, languages and first MacBook decals. We launched our online store. Today we have more than a thousand products and people use them all over the world".

We tested various materials, inks, suppliers and finally created our perfect products. Stickers that didn't wear out. Stickers with amazing colors and easy application. Durable, but won't leave permanent residues after you remove them. Glossy and matte stickers that are resistant to light, warmth, dirt, and fingers. We're the only one on this planet to have stickers and skins compatible with almost any laptop model and language version. This gives thousands of possible combinations.

We create products in cooperation with our customers. We listen to their needs and suggestions. Many of our bestsellers started as custom orders. That's what Keyshorts is all about.

Keyshorts all over the world

We make people happy all over the world...

The stickers are incredibly high quality

The stickers are incredibly high quality and look great! I contacted them with a custom edit and they were incredibly friendly, helpful and delivered a high quality product! The stickers were finished quickly, shipped quickly and arrived with no trouble! I am incredibly happy with my purchase! I would certainly recommend Keyshorts! Thank you Anna and Sebastian!

I love the keyboard skins

Both Anna and Sebastian were amazing in helping me out with all the questions I needed answered. They replied fast and the postage which was supper fast considering it was sent from Poland to Australia. I loved the keyboard skins, it looks so life like and of great quality. Easy to apply and so durable, would definitely order from you! Amazing!

Beautiful product

Faster shipping than expected, beautiful product with clear application instructions. Thank you! I'll be ordering again!

Layout of the stickers is perfect

Layout of the stickers is perfect. We already have some of their stickers in production.

Exactly what I wanted

Exactly what I wanted: the stickers fit my keyboard perfectly. I love the colours and the design! Thank you so much!

Sooo obsessed!!!

Sooo obsessed!!! Posted a photo of it and I had people asking where I got it. I love it!!!

This is the best set of keyboard stickers ever!

This is the best set of keyboard stickers ever! They are very durable, and do not make the least bit of difference to my typing experience. The colours are bright, eye-catching and I have received many compliments on my keyboard!

Very good product, hands down

Great quality and I received it faster than expected! Color is great and it feels nice and smooth, too. Previously using a keyboard cover, but I didn't like it because I don't enjoy air bubbles when I'm typing. I like this a lot more, too, because the backlight shines through, and I get a lot of more color options and designs if I ever get bored! Very good product, hands down.

This is truly stunning

This is truly stunning. It does take a little while to put all the decals on, but it is so worth it! Shipping was quite prompt (seeing as how it came halfway around the world!), and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to give their Chromebook some pop. Truly beautiful!

I've gotten so many compliments

I can't begin to say how much I love my decals! I've gotten so many compliments on them, my keyboard specifically. My Mac looks so pretty! Thanks Keyshorts, I'd recommend you to anyone

Would definitely buy again

I had an extremely positive experience ordering my keyboard stickers. They custom made them to fit my keyboard in a very reasonable time and they are GREAT!! Quick communication also. Would definitely buy again.

This is a great company

This keyboard is so pretty. The quality is nice, I love typing on it and I get a lot of compliments from others. I will definitely be ordering more. This is a great company too, they are super nice! :)

The only issue with this skin...

The only issue with this skin is that now I have to get my wife one it's just so good!!!

Absolutely love love love!

Absolutely love love love the stickers! They make me smile whenever I work on my laptop. I'll be definitely buying more from this shop!

I'm not disappointed!

I bought Keyshorts stickers and I can't say I'm disappointed! They work really good, quality of stickers is awesome. It's very easy to remove them and stick again (nobody likes air bubbles on keys). Making long story short, I recommend it to everyone who needs or wants keyboard stickers for work or for any other reason :)

I highly recommend this shop to anyone

After having a great experience ordering from Keyshorts in the past, I got a decal as a gift for my mom on Mother's day. She loved it!

The quality is out of this world!

The quality is out of this world!

They are fantastic

The decals arrived quickly for an international order, and they're fantastic. I'd purchased some as a gift earlier, and liked the effect so much, I bought my own. Thank you!