How to Check What MacBook Do I Have?

by Sebastian Kończak 2 Comments

Finding your MacBook model name could be crucial for many things, for example ordering our MacBook keyboard decals or MacBook skins. So how to check it? There are two ways...

1. Check MacBook model name in Mac OS

1. Go to system bar on top of the screen and click on . From the menu choose About This Mac.

2. In the window that showed up you can find your Mac model, it will start with MacBook. I have iMac so in my case it says iMac (27-inch, Late 2013). Use name shown here and type it into Model name field when adding our decal to the cart. 

Mac OS X About this Mac window

3. That's all :-)

2. Check MacBook model name on the laptop itself

Turn your Mac upside down and locate small captions at the top. Look for model number starting with A. Review the table below to match model number to plain-english model name:

 MacBook model number MacBook model name
MacBook Air 11" (late 2010 - mid 2011)
MacBook Air 11" (mid 2012 - early 2015)
MacBook (early 2006 - mid 2009)
MacBook 12" with Retina (early 2012 - mid 2017)
MacBook Air 13" (early 2008)
MacBook Air 13" (late 2008 - mid 2009)
MacBook Air 13" (late 2010 - mid 2011)
MacBook Air 13" (mid 2012 - early 2015)
MacBook Pro 13" (late 2008 - mid 2012)
MacBook Pro Retina 13" (late 2012 - early 2013)
MacBook Pro Retina 13" (late 2013 - early 2015)
MacBook Pro 13" (late 2016 - mid 2017, without TouchBar)
MacBook Pro 13" (late 2016 - mid 2017, with TouchBar)
MacBook Pro 15" (early 2006)
MacBook Pro 15" (late 2006)
MacBook Pro 15" (mid 2007 - late 2007)
MacBook Pro 15" (early 2008)
MacBook Pro 15" (late 2008 - mid 2012)
MacBook Pro Retina 15" (mid 2012 - mid 2015)
MacBook Pro 15" (late 2016 - mid 2017, with TouchBar)
MacBook Pro 17" (early 2006)
MacBook Pro 17" (late 2006)
MacBook Pro 17" (mid 2007 - late 2007)
MacBook Pro 17" (early 2008)
MacBook Pro 17" (early 2009 - late 2011)

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2 Responses

Sebastian Kończak
Sebastian Kończak

January 16, 2017

Hello Philippe, we have an option called “MacBook Black/White 13” (late 2007 – mid 2010)". Choose this :-)


January 13, 2017

hello I have a white macbook A1181 13" from mid 2009. Which skin should I choose for it?

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