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Returns Policy

You have 14 days from the delivery date to return unused (than can be resold with 100% value) items made for Apple devices, at your expense. We don't accept returns for other items as they are customized to fit your device. We don't offer return labels. When returned items are delivered to our headquarters, and after checking their condition, we will issue a full refund within 14 business days. The complete return policy can be found here. Please return items to: Keyshorts, Gdanska 141/125, Lodz 90536, Poland. You don't have to fill any return form.

You have free of charge, 2-year legal guarantee in the EU and Switzerland, but we extend this to other countries as well. In the case when delivered items are damaged or inconsistent with the order, contact us and provide photos for evidence. If your complaint is justifiable, we will exchange items at our cost. If the exchange is not possible, we will offer a price reduction or a full refund. We won't accept complaints regarding minor color differences between product images on the store and the actual items; sizes and placement of artwork (remember that devices are sometimes very different from the one shown in product photos, and we must accommodate that); minor scratches on the surface visible only in a certain condition. We also won't be responsible and won't accept any claims regarding damages to your device made by item removal done in another way than recommended by us. Remember that our products contain adhesives that make a chemical bond with the surface of your devices. You're installing and using our products at your own risk.