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I didn't want my keyboard to be just black - says Sebastian, co-founder of Keyshorts.

It started as a personal side-project which aim was to design and make keyboard stickers for Photoshop, which I used a lot. It turned out that other people also wanted such stickers. Then Ania joined because she wanted to have pink-cheetah keyboard and to create projects just like for herself. With our talents combined, we designed stickers for other apps, decal stickers, and laptop skins.

We have tested various materials, inks, suppliers, printers, and about one year since the first prototype, we had it. Stickers that won't wear out after a long time. Stickers with exceptional colors, quick and easy application, dozens of designs. Stickers that fit Macs, Acers, Asus, Dells, HPs, Lenovos, Samsungs. That was the start :-)

Keyshorts is based in Lodz, Poland. The city unique history and both German and Russian influence make this place a fascinating location. The atmosphere and people of this city are an on-going inspiration for us.

All stickers are printed by a small nearby manufacturer, located in the old brewery. We go for the stickers twice a week, and then we prepare them for shipping. 
We ship our products all around the world, with currently 78 countries on our list.

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