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Perfect-fit, custom keyboard stickers that make typing a breeze.

Keyboards are made for masses. Keyshorts are made exactly for you. Cover existing symbols or add more languages and keep the backlight. You're in the right place to decorate your keyboard while preventing it from getting worn off. And yes, Keyshorts will fit your keyboard and are easy to apply.

Build your custom set All languages, colors, sizes + 20 more design features possible

Lost in between the keys?
95% of customers bought these

Simple Black Keyboard Stickers With White Letters

Simple Black Keyboard Stickers With White Letters

Made to cover & replace symbols on each key. Perfectly. Designed exactly for your Mac, PC, Laptop, or external keyboard. Pick your brand + language. It's that simple.
Buy Black Keyboard Stickers Will fit your keyboard
Available in your language
Anti-glare surface
Transparent Keyboard Stickers (no print)

Transparent Keyboard Stickers (no print)

Thinnest possible, to protect against wear & tear without changing the look. Made exactly for your keyboard to serve its entire livetime. Once you take them off, your keyboard looks brand new.
Buy Transparent Keyboard Stickers Will fit your keyboard
100% backlight compatible
Anti-glare surface

Language and Multilanguage Keyboard Stickers

Finally! Type confidently in one AS-MANY-AS-YOU-WANT languages.
Pick the fit & device, languages (we support all layouts), add colors.

Buy language keyboard stickers In the next step you will see the language choice
This product is recommended by professional translators
Transparent and fully opaque backgrounds available
Language and Multilanguage Keyboard Stickers

Want your keyboard to be more like you?

Check out these 200+ modern designs and get inspired! Our customers proved that decorative keyboard stickers make them smile each time they start typing. Fancy trying that?

Decorative MacBook | Apple Keyboard Stickers

Decorative MacBook | Apple Keyboard Stickers

Always made to order exactly for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or other Apple model. Available in any language configuration. Even if you ordered your Mac abroad and need a different layout, we're here to fix that!
Shop Mac keyboard stickers Will fit your Mac perfectly & entirely
Cutouts made where necessary, like CapsLock LED
Just pick your Mac model name/number
Ready exactly for you, but you already know that
Decorative Laptop Keyboard Stickers (ALL BRANDS)

Decorative Laptop Keyboard Stickers (ALL BRANDS)

Laptops are usually boring-looking, but yours doesn't have to. Can't believe it's possible to adjust the size perfectly to your laptop model? Trust us, we've successfully transformed thousands of keyboards worldwide. ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI and more.
Shop all-brand laptop keyboard stickers Will fit your PC perfectly & entirely
Cutouts made where necessary, like CapsLock LED
Your laptop model name/photo is required
Ready exactly for you, but you already know that

How to fix faded keyboard keys?

It's easy! Put Keyshorts on the worn-off letters

You don't have to get rid of your keyboard once the letters start to wear out. Get replacement keyboard stickers with protective coating in the perfectly matched size for your device. These stickers will never fade.
Get Replacement Keyboard Stickers

Specialized keyboard stickers

Low vision Keyboard Stickers with Large Letters

Low vision Keyboard Stickers with Large Letters

Made to order. For any laptop or keyboard, any language. No more illegible letters.
Keyboard Stickers for Apps

Keyboard Stickers for Apps

Made to order. For any laptop or keyboard. Improve work speed by up to 70%.

Keyshorts for business

Keyboard Stickers for IT Procurement & Refurbished Laptops

We helped many corporations and small businesses reduce IT equipment costs and boost productivity.
Learn how we can help

Real people behind Keyshorts


Ania is sales and marketing specialist, but she's also passionate about interior design and photography. She shot all our product photos. She's also behind our famously great customer service and designed many of our products. By education, a master of management with a specialization of public relations.


Sebastian is a multi-discipline man. He's into graphic design and web development since the dark ages of internet. In 2009 he created Adobe online courses and wrote a book about Photoshop. Currently, he is mainly responsible for design and production. Has a master's degree in landscape architecture.

Keyshorts all over the world

We make people happy all over the world!

"I ordered these decals to cover the worn-off letters on my Mac keyboard. I ended up putting them on all the keys so it would uniform. The decals were easy to apply and I had no difficulty getting used to the feel. The decals saved me from having to buy a new $100 keyboard. Thank you!"

- Janine from United States

"I got a work Mac with a German keyboard and was struggling to do all my shortcuts as well as finding the symbols. These stickers truly saved my working life, (...) the stickers are mat and not glossy which is actually WAY better cause they don't get finger prints on them and always look clean compared to the actual Mac keys. I 100% recommend them!"

- Maria from Germany

"I bought quite a special keyboard not fitting any regular stickers but they went extra mile to look in details at it and make highly tailored stickers to match it exactly. Communication was absolutely great and productive so I can really recommend it. Well done!"

- Tomaz from Slovenia

"Some time ago I bought a laptop on sale, the only downside being it having a spanish keyboard; since I wanted a US keyboard instead, I bought a set of generic stickers, but the result was questionable at best: they were way too small for my keyboard, and they also were quite different from the original keys. I then searched the internet for a set of stickers specifically tailored for my notebook, I found Keyshorts, and decided to give it a try. Sure, a set of stickers costed more than the generic one, but, boy, the Keyshorts one deserves every cent. The stickers replicate the original keys in every detail, including the exact size of every keycap and the font of the characters. They are also reasonably easy to apply. I strongly recommend these stickers"

- Giacomo from Italy

"Service and product quality at their very best. I can now transform my two french Azertys (Imac27 and Macbook) into Korean Qwertys at the switch of a button. The stickers quality is insane, it's clean and strong, I can still clean up my keyboards, and I use them everyday. The team is adorable. Many thanks from France!"

- Cathy from France

"Bought a new laptop and discovered that the keys were a very light grey on grey. Could not see letters, numbers etc. Ordered Black/White decals and it makes all the difference in the world. Took a few weeks to arrive, I highly recommend them. Applying them was easy!"

- Tom from United States

"Made my Samsung TabS7+ stand out. Install is super easy, it's actually relaxing. Thank you Keyshorts!"

- Jose from Australia

Numbers we are proud of

languages and layouts supported.
keyboards covered with our stickers.
laptop/keyboard models we've designed stickers for.

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"Decals that'll make your keyboard look beautiful even when it's littered with crumbs."
"Want to know the 'key' to a good-looking laptop? Then check out these awesome keyboard stickers by creative duo Anna and Sebastian."
Bored Panda
"These insane keyboard stickers transform your boring old keys into famous paintings."
"Stunning laptop keyboard stickers inspired by iconic paintings."

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