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Our Stickers

What do you mean by stickers and skins?

We mean high quality, ultra durable vinyl stickers that you install on your device to protect and beautify it. You can apply and remove them easily. Stickers and whole-surface skins are great alternative for plastic cases, silicon covers and rubber protectors, because they don't thicken up your device and don't overheat it, like cases or covers do.

Why Keyshorts stickers and skins?

  • Extreme durability. We've seen our stickers a year after application. They looked brand new.
  • Fit almost every laptop in the world. We make stickers that fit your laptop: from Acer, Apple, Asus, Chromebook, Dell, HP, to Lenovo, Google, Microsoft, MSI, Nextbook, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Vaio. 
  • Easy to apply. Special "corners" helps with application of keyboard stickers. Force-activated adhesive helps in whole-surface skin application. No tools needed. See how it's easy.
  • Easy to remove. Keyshorts are removed easily, without any residues.
  • Comfortable in use. Smooth finish, proper size and rounded corners provide great typing experience in keyboard stickers.
  • Time saving. Keyboard stickers with app shortcuts allow you to work up to 80% faster than by using only mouse. This research paper confirms that.
  • Foreign languages. Keyboard stickers with multilingual features helps translators, people working in international teams, or simply people living abroad to communicate easily in given languages.
  • Famously great customer service. Custom orders, questions, concerns, advice, feedback. Just ask - we're here to help.
Blue Nebula keyboard decal sticker with frozen touchpad skin and coffee

In the end, we just make people happy

"It was very easy to apply and looks wonderful! I placed one sticker wrong initially, but it came of pretty easy and not stretched at all, so I could place it again right this time. Would definitely buy again from this shop!"

Kirsten, Netherlands.

"Thanks so much!! Took about 2 weeks I think for the stickers to arrive, but I got them a couple days ago and they work great! I have a MacBook Pro and they look great on my keyboard."

Erica, USA

"Great quality, awesomely fast shipping! Thank you! <3"

Katharina, Germany

"Thank you very much for your awesome customer service :) It's rare to find a businessman so kind to his clients."

Tony, USA

"It's exactly what I ordered and they took the time to make sure they got the measurements 100% correct!"

Destiny, USA

"I LOVE my new laptop decals! My letters were rubbing off and now it's super cool with my company colors instead of just boring black. This was a special order and I am in US. Communication was great and they shipped in a very timely manor. Thank you!"

Gwenifaery, USA

"Easy to apply, looks fantastic, and after 3 weeks, still looks brand new!"

Shauna, USA

How we design our stickers?

We design them in Adobe Illustrator. Template and proper graphics (such as colors, photos, letters) files are created. Template determines shape and size of the device or keyboard. Then on such template we apply our vision: colors, graphics, patterns. We export both graphics and template for printing. Template will serve as a guideline for cutting plotter.

Keyshorts office

How we print our stickers?

We use various high-quality vinyl films with easy to remove adhesives. For whole-surface skins we use force-activated, channelled adhesive, which makes installation easy. We use eco-solvent printing technique, then we apply transparent coating layer. Our stickers don't wear out because of that and have smooth, shiny surface. In the last step we cut each sheet with cutting plotter.

Printing and cutting keyboard stickers

How we ship our stickers?

Each sticker is made to order. If we have the sticker in stock, we ship it immidiately. If we have to print it, it takes 3 to 7 business days. Stickers are shipped inside cardboard envelopes (keyboard stickers, laptop/tablet skins), or bubble-wrap envelopes (touchpad decals, logo stickers, phone skins). We ship using national postal services or UPS. You can find more info here.

Keyshorts for business

We create stickers that makes work easier and faster. Among our clients we have marketing agencies, professionals, translators, banks and even airlines. If you're interested, contact us. We can issue VAT invoices for EU companies. We can deliver any amount of stickers customized exclusively to your needs.

What kind of work can be done faster?

  • Office: Microsoft Office, Apple iWork
  • Design, DTP, Photography: Adobe, Corel
  • Architectural & Mechanical Design: Autodesk AutoCAD
  • 3D Graphics & Animation: Autodesk 3dsmax, Autodesk Maya
  • Video Editing & Effects: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer
  • Music: Logic Pro, Traktor Pro
  • Programming: Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea
  • you can find more here

Adobe Illustrator keyboard stickers