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Bilingual and multilingual keyboards? There is a solution...

Ever had to type in another language or keyboard layout, but didn't know where particular letters or accents are placed? Or maybe you are required to do so as part of your job? Or maybe you're learning a new language and - as an exercise - want to type in it easily and extend bilingual skills?

The problem: two languages (or more) on the same keyboard

Most people have limited ability to type in two languages on a computer. In some countries, like South Korea or Japan, keyboards are already bilingual, meaning they have English QWERTY letters and native language characters. Others usually use some sort of DIY solutions, like writing letters on sticky tape. But if you want to type smoothly and your keyboard to look classy, there's another way...

Customized bilingual keyboard stickers are the solution

Stickers?! Nah, they probably fall off after a month or the ink wear out even faster from typing - you may say.

No, I'm not talking about those stickers from eBay or Amazon. Keyshorts makes stickers that are beautiful, incredibly durable, ink stays in its place forever, and typing is as if there were no stickers at all. Plus, as the only business on this planet, we can customize those stickers so that virtually any bilingual or trilingual set you can imagine is possible. We can customize languages, colors, and if you're using Apple keyboard, you'll also have a functional keyboard backlight.

Korean bilingual keyboard sticker overview

So who is using it?

Bilingual keyboard stickers detailThese bilingual stickers are used by thousands of people around the world. There are three main reasons people choose them: for work, language learning, and private life.

Our stickers have been used in a variety of businesses, ranging from bilingual customer service, through finance, airline & space transport to law firms. There is always a good cause to use such product in areas involving bilingual or multilingual/multinational communication between businesses and customers. Work is done faster and with less friction.

Many people use bilingual stickers for learning a new language, particularly if the language they're interested in has a foreign alphabet. Our bestsellers in that manner include Russian, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Hindi and Chinese stickers.

Some folks also use Keyshorts stickers, because parts of their family speak in another language and stickers help in day-to-day communication.

Why we think our stickers rock

We believe Keyshorts are the best bilingual stickers you can find. Here's why:
- extremely durable vinyl suited for intense use;
- easy to apply and remove with no permanent residues;
- eco-printing and overlaminate to protect the ink from wearing out;
- matte surface to improve typing experience and increase legibility in low-light conditions;
- total customization of languages and colors;
- perfect fit for any keyboard possible;

A product isn't the only part of the great experience, right? You'll be contacting us, the real people. We care about our business and products, and - in fact - we're curious about your story and how we can help you. It's not only about selling a product, but also about actually improving someone's life.

Which languages are supported?

First things first - language and keyboard layout are related, but different things. Language is a set of letters and special characters (like accents). The keyboard layout is how those letters and characters are distributed on the keyboard. That's why you'll see Swiss in the list below. Swiss isn't a language, but Switzerland has its own unique keyboard layout, and we can use that.

We can make stickers with any combinations of 2 or 3 of these keyboard layouts: Arabic, Armenian, Belgian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Taiwanese), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Russian (phonetic), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Thai, Turkish Q, US International and US English.

If your language isn't here, just contact us - we may design and make customized stickers just for you :-)

Will it fit my keyboard/laptop?

Yes, but it depends :-)
We offer two kinds of fitting: Windows Universal and Customized to fit your...

Windows Universal is designed to match most PC/Windows/Linux keyboard shapes, though it's not a perfect fit. Single stickers can be smaller than a key. Size of single sticker is 0.47 x 0.51 in (12 x 13 mm).

Korean bilingual keyboard sticker for MacBook Pro 13
Customized to fit your... means we will design stickers that will perfectly fit specified keyboard/laptop model. You will need to just provide us with model name and we're good to go. This means we can adjust stickers to fit ANY Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba laptops or any MacBook and Apple keyboard model.

Great! Where can I order stickers?

Go to bilingual keyboard stickers category by clicking the button below, or contact us directly if you need something special :-)