Designer Assistance - Anna

$25.00 USD

This is an upgrade product, needs to be bought together with the stickers set (unless it's purchased separately as an upgrade to the previous order).

How do I know if it's for me?

If you experience troubles with finding letters and characters on your keyboard or if you need to upgrade your typing experience due to the professional work you do.

Very often, our customers avoid changing the entire device only by getting keyboard stickers. Personalized keyboard solutions with a color configuration adjusted to your needs allows also to save time you normally spend on typing. 

You can describe the problem with your keyboard, you can ask which keyboard colors are best for your lifestyle, you can let us know what you need to have improved or simply what you'd like to have on your keyboard. Don't be shy, we'll be happy to make your keyboard stickers project that's exactly for you!

What's included?

- Anna's assistance :)

- colorist advice, custom color match depending on your personal preferences

- color analysis and recommendation to your laptop model and your, or other users of this device, lifestyle

What's not included?

- keyboard stickers (you need to add the product type you need: for example language stickers, decorative, multi-language)

How does it work?

Based on the interview with the customer, I create a color composition & palette depending on a particular case. Then it's sent via email and described together with my recommendations. After the feedback, I prepare improvements, forward the project to production, and keep an eye on the manufacturing process.