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Stickers with translucent letters & background of your choice

$49.00 USD

Custom-made keyboard stickers on transparent vinyl with black UV print. No matter if you have Mac or PC laptop - they are all welcomed :)

Stickers are not laminated. Printed in safe for people technology, confirmed by GREENGUARD Certification. Made in Europe.

In the photo, we present example designs. 

This product is especially recommended for keyboards that have worn-off letters. This way there is no problem with lining up the symbols and backlight compatibility will have remained at 100%.

In this case, the whole sticker will be covered with a print, except the parts which contain letters. It is very important to leave unprinted areas around each letter, otherwise, you might not see them in daylight as the contrast between the background and unlighted letter will be too small.


1. Add this item to the cart together with any decorative keyboard stickers of your choice or with any MacBook keyboard sticker

2. In a reply to order confirmation email, please send your keyboard photo (from above angle). This way, we will adjust the letter position as close as possible. 

 Processing time: 2-4 weeks. Item made to order.