Who's standing behind Keyshorts?

Anna and Sebastian from Poland. Decals, stickers and vinyl skins are our passion. Sebastian handles production and shipping, while Anna takes care about designs, photography and customer service. You can read more about us and what's our mission on the About page.

Why should I purchase skins and decals from you?

Because we use only highest-quality Avery and 3M Controltac vinyls. We design our products to have easy application and residue-free removal. We design our products to fit perfectly your device, no matter if you bought your MacBook in the US, or Iceland.

Where can I find my MacBook/iPhone/iPad model?

You can find this information using our guide.

Most keyboard decals I can find online wear out after a week or two. Are yours similar?

Absolutely not. That's what is unique about our keyboard decals. We print decals on extra durable Avery vinyl with strong (yet removable) adhesive. Decals are eco-printed, which means that we don't use traditional solvent (worse quality and toxicity, not great idea for contact with fingers). What's even better, we protect the artwork with overlaminate, so fingers don't have direct contact with ink - therefore it's impossible for artwork to be damaged, even if you use water or detergent. From tests we know that our decals look practically brand new after a year or two after application.

Will your decals fit my keyboard?

It depends on the category: stickers for apps and bilinguals are designed to fit most of keyboards on the market. When it comes to Windows version, multitude of laptop layouts forced us to design single one that fits 99% of keyboards. That's the reason why some keys may be poorly adjusted (but always smaller than the key itself), although we can guarantee that main keys (letters and digits) will fit properly. Stickers in Mac version fit perfectly to compatible MacBook and Apple keyboards models. Decals are designed for specific laptop model, so they will fit 100%.

Will your decals work with backlit keyboard?

If particular design has white letters, then yes. If letters color is different, backlight is almost entirely invisible.

How to apply decals to my keyboard and do you use transfer tape?

Go to this page for video tutorials. No, we don't use transfer tape, because it's messy and don't work consistently. We use only one-by-one method. Our customers decided it's the most reliable and time-effective method to get decals on one's keyboard.

How to remove decals from keyboard?

Turn off the computer. Lever the corner of the sticker with your fingernail (don't do it with sharp tool - you'll scratch the keyboard surface) and unstick it. Do it with other keys. If you have some adhesive residue (rare), wipe/rub it with paper towel or toilet paper. Rub it in one direction, until it's removed. It will roll itself off of the key. Adhesive used on our decals is easily removable up to one year after application, later removal can be a little bit harder or could leave more residue.

What vinyls are you using?

We use premium Avery vinyl with removable adhesive for keyboard decals, and 3M Controltac for skins. We use glossy overlaminates on both vinyls to protect artwork. 3M Controltac is a premium class vinyl with force-activated adhesive featuring air channels, which greatly improves application, positioning, and prevents air bubbles.

Can I order a decal/skin customized for me?

Sure, we're open to your ideas. Contact us here, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. All channels are open :-)

Will your skin fit my device?

Yes, because we design each skin for specific - chosen by you - device, or specific dimensions in other, non-MacBook laptops.

How to apply the skin on laptop/phone/tablet?

Go to this page for details and videos.

Is it easy to apply your skins?

Extremely. We use 3M Controltac: high-end automotive cast vinyl with force-activated, channeled adhesive, which means two things: a) skin won’t stick to the surface unless you press on it, which in turn helps you to position the skin, and b) no air bubbles.

Will trackpad/touchpad decal affect the functionality of touchpad?

No, decal doesn't disturb touchpad functionality, however at first use it might feel a little bit "soft".

How to remove the skin?

Peel off one corner and start pulling the skin at sharp angle. Be gentle and take your time. If you have trouble removing the skin, heat it up with home hairdryer. If you have some residue left, rub it with finger until it's gone.

Will there be any residues after removal?

No, our skins leaves no permanent residues. In rare cases, or if the skin was applied for more than 6 months, there can be some residue left. Also, if you try to remove it quickly, it can leave some residue. You can remove it by rubbing it with fingers. If you have difficulty removing the skin, gently heat it up with hairdryer.

Is this skin matt or glossy finished?

The surface has glossy finish, it looks almost like a glass.

Can I reapply the skin after removal?

No. The skin stretches itself during removal, so it doesn’t have proper size afterwards.

Product arrived in damaged/bad condition, what can I do?

If you notice that product is damaged or otherwise is not the thing you ordered, contact us and send a photo showing what's wrong. When we'll accept that the item is damaged/wrong, we will ship correct item for you again, on our cost. You don't need to return anything.

Product don't fit my device, what now?

If this happened to you, we're really sorry. We had a bad day or our brains collapsed for a moment. Send us a photo of decals partially applied to a device. If they don't fit on a photo, we will resend you the proper item on our cost. You don't need to return anything.

Product seems lost in the mail, what now?

If it's more than 4 weeks from shipment and you still don't have your order, contact us. We will investigate the case and if the package is in fact missed or stuck in one place for a long time, we will either resend the item on our cost, or we'll refund you minus the shipping cost.