How To Improve Your Business With Language Keyboard Stickers

by Sebastian Kończak, updated at Jul 2023

As workplaces become more multilingual and multicultural, with employees using more than one language on a daily basis and often working from different corners of the world, modern businesses need to be more versatile when it comes to accommodating the needs of their workers. While cultural sensitivity is the number one thing to create a comfortable work environment, there’s another thing that’s easy to overlook: the IT equipment, and, especially, keyboards.

Did you know that there are over 200 keyboard layouts?

It may come as a surprise, but keyboard layouts are not one-size-fit-all matters, as 200+ different layouts are used on a daily basis all over the world. Habits are difficult to break, and everyone’s used to the keyboard layout they’ve had for most of their life. This is especially important in case of jobs that require a lot of typing, such as customer service agents, copywriters, content creators, translators, even programmers and data analysts. Let’s face it – a well-matching keyboard makes typing easier and faster.

When it comes to transferring creative thoughts as well as factual data to the computer screen, typos are highly unwelcome, as even the tiniest mistake may cause serious problems. Yet quite often employees may face a computer with a keyboard layout they’re not used to. In such situations, replacing numerous laptops or keyboards may not fit into the company’s budget. This is where language keyboard stickers come to the rescue.

How can keyboard stickers help to improve the workplace?

No need to replace the equipment

Imagine a situation: the company purchased 50 laptops for their employees. When the laptops arrived, it turned out they were produced for the German market and the letter Y and Z are switched. This causes frustration and lowers productivity, as each employee needs to check the spelling and correct many documents every day. Since replacing the new laptops is out of the question, the company may easily solve the problem by ordering a set of keyboard stickers with the layout that all employees are used to.

Replacement Keyboard Stickers for Companies & Precurement 

Equipment is not market-specific anymore

While deciding to purchase new IT equipment such as laptops or computer keyboards, business owners need not limit their choice to products designed specifically for their market. They can find offers from other countries and import cheaper equipment, localizing it later with the language keyboard stickers of their choice. This can be especially helpful when keyboard layouts that are don’t follow the popular QWERTY standard are needed for specific teams. Since stickers can be easily removed, this solution is much safer than replacing the whole keyboard.

Accommodating personal preferences

Recently arriving from Paris in his new office in London, the French copywriter Pierre will not enjoy working on a QWERTY keyboard. Merde, he’ll exclaim every time when he types Q instead of A, interrupting his colleagues all the time. Instead of purchasing a new laptop or a keyboard for Pierre, the company may simply invest in French language keyboard stickers that fit perfectly on the old keyboard. Pierre may even choose his favorite background color to make work easier and more comfortable, and solitude can be easily restored in the office.

Applying Keyboard Stickers in company setup

Supporting multi-language teams

Many workplaces hire individuals from various countries to use their language abilities for communication with customers, content creation, translating skills, and many other purposes. While your Customer Experience Specialist chats with clients in Russian, your translator might prepare the agenda in Arabic for the upcoming business trip to Dubai. Instead of purchasing dedicated keyboards or laptops that match everyone’s language preferences, the company can order customised language keyboard stickers that fit their needs.

As some employees may work with more than one language on a daily basis, it’s also possible to order multi-language stickers with more than one alphabet. Helping to accommodate the employees’ needs in such a way can contribute to increase in productivity as well as a more comfortable work environment.

It’s clear to see how language keyboard stickers can improve the workplace much more quickly, efficiently, and in a more budget-friendly way than purchasing new IT equipment. As each sticker set can be customised with a variety of font and background colors, it can also contribute to making a more friendly atmosphere of the office.

It’s worth noting that the stickers can be easily removed when they’re not needed anymore, and they don’t leave any permanent residue on the keys. To learn more about keyboard stickers, read 17 Questions About Keyboard Stickers You Always Wanted to Ask.

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