How to Order Keyboard Stickers for Framework Laptop?

How to Order Keyboard Stickers for Framework Laptop?

by Sebastian Kończak, updated at 13 May 2024, 0 comments

Table of contents

  1. Start with the Keyshorts Keyboard Stickers Builder
  2. Pick Perfect Fit from Fit section + Other from Your device section
    Ordering Framework Keyboard Stickers
  3. Provide the model number in the field + pick desired enter bar shape, or Send us a photo of your keyboard later, so we check it for you.
    Ordering keyboard stickers for Framework laptop
  4. Choose the background type, language and desired symbols position. For example, US English on transparent background with symbols in the center.
    Framework Keyboard Stickers - example of transparent background and US English language
  5. If you chose transparent background because you have clear, blank keyboard already, go ahead and pick center position of the symbols for the most intuitive setup. If you need to type in more than one language, click +Add another language:
    Adding another language on Framework Keyboard Stickers
  6. Finally, adjust the color of symbols and customizations.
    Picking the color of Framework Keyboard Stickers
  7. If you'd like to see a preview of your project before production choose Yes in the Designer assistance section.  This way you can fine tune project details to make sure it reflects your needs.
  8. That's it!


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