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Keyboard's new superpowers

Everyone has a right to type the way they like. To have multiple languages on one keyboard or one language on multiple keyboards. To pick its colors. To have a choice. Here's how we make typing fun again.

3 Smart Keyboard Stickers That Make Letters Clear & Legible To See

Our customers very often reach us for an advise on how to resolve illegible keyboard problem. This issue concerns equally, old and brand new devices but for sure can be fixed by Keyshorts keyboard stickers. If you got a laptop that makes typing experience uncomfortable, don't throw it out of a window. Check our 3 ways how to make you keyboard perfectly legible & save your money on fixing services.

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17 Questions About Keyboard Stickers You Always Wanted to Ask and One Extra Surprise at the End

You probably heard of multiple advantages of having your keyboard covered with decorative or specialized keyboard decals. Want to get your first keyboard stickers but still not sure how these work? Then check out these 16 questions (and answers of course) we prepared for you to clear up all doubts! Read more

9 Reasons to Get Keyboard Stickers Instead of Silicone Cover

Ahhh... keyboard stickers versus silicone covers - it's like Mac vs Windows, each side has its own believers and haters. By the headline you already know where we stand - and we do it with a reason. Read more

How to Remove Keyboard Stickers Like a Pro

So, you properly applied your beloved keyboard stickers to your keyboard. But time passed, months went by, seasons changed… and you want a different design. It’s time to remove your keyboard stickers like a pro! Read more

What MacBook Should I Buy for College in 2018?

Comparison-based guide on what MacBook to choose for students and college in 2018. Compare based on portability and desired use. Hardware and software comparison. Get Apple students discount and save hundreds. Read more

5 Easy Tips to Take Perfect Laptop Keyboard Photo

We sometimes ask our customers to send photos of their laptop for identification or reference. This is a guide on how to take these photos so that Keyshorts team is happy and ready to go! Read more

8 Best Gold MacBook Stickers, Decals & Skins

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your laptop? I bet it's quite much. And we all take them to cafes, office, classes so it's kinda easy to get those awful scratches and oily stains which are neither cool nor easy to clean. After a while we catch ourselves staring at total, sticky and dusty, disaster with an Apple logo in front. So how do I protect my Mac with a style? Read more

How to Apply Keyboard Stickers Like a Pro?

Learn how to apply keyboard stickers using one-by-one or transfer film methods. Plus infographic and quick video for people in rush. Read more

MacBook Keyboard Symbols Chart

Know the meaning of every MacBook keyboard symbol with this easy to use chart and infographic. Includes old Macbooks and Apple keyboards. Read more